Service Guidelines

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Service Guidelines

“Service, as worship of the divine all around you, is a major path to God Divine.”

— Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba states that love must be the attitude for every act of service. Rendering service to others is rendering service to God himself.

Why serve?

Swami explains that only through service does it elevate one to the highest spiritual path to divine realization.

“Hands that help are holier than lips that pray.”

What are the benefits of Seva?

Serving with loving hands and an open heart expands our ability to receive more personal happiness, reconnects mind body balance and aligns our souls so that we become more open to the Divine.

“Service activities are essential for your own sake, to transform your lives and redeem yourselves.”

Why do we do group Seva?

Baba insists on being involved in group seva as a means to teach us consideration, cooperation, contemplation and completion. Working with one another helps foster unity and a sense of oneness as essential spiritual lessons.

“A single drop of water gets evaporated soon. It cannot reach the sea, unless it moves with its kith and kin.”

How do I get started in a center Seva activity?

Getting involved is simple.

The Sai Center of Greater St.Louis welcomes anyone to lend a hand.

Upcoming Seva activities are announced at the weekly Friday center meetings . You may also find them listed on the bulletin board. You may also contact the center officers or the project coordinators for further information.


God will not ask you, when and where did you do service? He will ask, what motive did you do it with? Holiness of motive and purity of heart.