Meditation Guidelines


You should not pray for one thing and practice another. The words you utter, the deeds you do, the prayers you utter, must all be along the same path. Sathya Sai Baba.

Prayer is the ultimate thread that binds human soul with Divine existence. It is the key that opens the door to any locked heart. It is the answer to every question asked. IT IS THE ULTIMATE CONVERATION BETWEEN MAN AND HIS BEST FRIEND DIVINE.

Centuries long and religions alike have said prayer is contained in every breath, in every thought and in every action.

Prayers save us from ourselves and the clutter of the existence our mind believes to be real.

Sathya Sai Baba has said, “You should not pray for one thing and practice another. The words you utter, the deeds you do, the prayers you utter, must all be along the same path.”

MeditationResizeUttering the syllables in a prayer devoid of any authencity only represents the stagnated water in an ocean overflowing with compassion.

But prayers that echo with sincerity, honesty and love vibrate at frequencies that melt the heart of the Divine. Was not Draupadi saved because of the sincere longing heard by Lord Krishna?

Swami has often reminded us that when we have full faith in the Lord, prayers are unnecessary.

Prayers comfort man when the doubts of the ego confront the righteousness of the heart. Prayers humble man into surrender of the Divine Will. Prayers teach man acceptance that all is for the highest good.

“Why Fear When I am Here?”

Baba has said, “It is better to ask God directly, than begging humans for all kinds of favors.”

With so much confusion on how,when ,and where to pray, Swami has told students several times in the simplest of ways, “meditation is not easy in this day and age. Nor is it required really, contrary to the belief of many. “What does meditation really mean? It simply means thinking about the Lord.”

Meditation is a journey, a pilgrimage to God. It is the search within for the Truth about “Who Am I?”

However we feel connected to God whether it is chanting the vedas, singing bhajans, serving or just sitting, Swami’s joy has no bounds when He sees we have His name on our lips, His form in our hearts and His words in our soul.

Prayers shred the existence of the ego and electrifies and unifies the purity of the human soul.

It is during meditative prayer, that the tarnish of our maya is stripped and the realization of our own innate Divinity emerges.

Swami’s Prayer of Surrender

Why get agitated? Let Me take care of all your business. I shall be the one who will think about them. I am waiting for nothing else than your surrender to Me, and then you do not have to worry any more about anything. Say farewell to all fears and discouragement.

You demonstrate that you do not trust Me. On the contrary, you must rely blindly on Me.

To surrender means: To turn your thoughts away from troubles, to turn them away from difficulties that you encounter and from all your problems. Leave everything in My hands saying, “Lord, Thy will be done. Thou think of it.” That is to say, “Lord, I thank you, for you have taken everything into your hands, and you will resolve this for my highest good.”PrayerResize1

Remember that thinking of the consequences of a thing is contrary to surrender. That is to say, when you worry that a situation has not had the desired outcome, you demonstrate that you do not believe in My love for you —you prove that you do not consider your life to be under My control and that nothing escapes Me.

Never think: How is this to end?… What is going to happen? If you give into this temptation, you demonstrate that you do not trust Me. Do you want Me to deal with it — yes or no? Then you must stop being anxious about it! I shall guide you only if you completely surrender to Me. And when I must lead you on a different path than the one that you expect, I carry you in My arms.

What seriously upsets you is your reasoning, your worrying, your obsession, and your will to provide for yourself at any price. I can do so many things when the being, in his material necessities as in his spiritual ones, turns to Me saying, “You think of it,” and then closes his eyes and rests quietly.

You will receive a lot, but only when your prayer relies fully upon Me. You pray to Me when in pain so that I intervene, but in the way you desire it. You do not rely on Me, but you want Me to adjust to your requests.

Don’t behave like sick ones who ask for a treatment from the doctor, all the time suggesting it to him. Do not do that, but rather, even in sad circumstances, say, “Lord I praise and thank You for this problem, for this necessity. I pray You to arrange things as You please for this terrestrial, temporal life. You know very well what is best for me.”

Sometimes, you feel that disasters increase instead of diminish. Do not get agitated. Close your eyes and tell me with faith, “Thy will be done. You think of it.” And when you speak thus, I accomplish a miracle when necessary. I think of it only when you trust me totally. I always think of you, but I can help you completely only when you rely fully on Me.