47th Annual Region 4 Retreat


COVID Related Protocol


We are looking forward to a hybrid retreat after two extraordinary years of the pandemic. In order that we may continue to feel safe and provide a worry-free environment for the meeting, we kindly request that the following protocols be followed:

  1. Please note that being vaccinated is not a requirement to attend the meeting.
  2. All attendees are kindly requested to administer their own COVID test on Saturday (May 25) morning or Friday evening (May 24) and ensure a negative test result prior to coming to the venue. No one will be required to report their result.
  3. You can order your COVID kit through this USPS link.
  4. A limited COVID self-test kit will be available at the retreat venue.
  5. Please attend the retreat online if you have symptoms to suggest a new cold or flu.
  6. All attendees should fill out the questionnaire which will ask the following questions: (a) Do you have a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, or are you feeling feverish? (b) Do you have new shortness of breath? (c) Do you have a new cough? (d) Do you have any symptoms of a new cold or flu?
  1. We request you to fill out the questionnaire prior to the meetings on both days – the morning of Saturday, May 25, AND the morning of Sunday, May 26.
  2. We request everyone to wear masks in the prayer hall.

These protocols have been developed after input from several attendees and also after several discussions with the SSSIO-USA medical community. For the safety of everyone, we will rely on the honor system.

We thank all of you in advance for complying with these protocols. We see this as a service that each one of us can do to ensure a safe environment for all.