Region 4 Women Retreat



Receive my pure love with a pure heart. Make yourself holy. Live in love. Love is God. Bear in mind what Swami has said and regard Swami’s words as a beacon of light for your lives. With the light of Swami’s advice in your hearts, you can proceed on life’s journey for any length of time. Remember with love God, who is everything.

~Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 29 (1996)




Welcome Message

Dear Sisters, A loving Sairam to you all !


We, the sisters of Nashville Sai come to you with full hearts – Inviting you to join us for a weekend of Self care and Self discovery. Convincing ourselves to be too busy to take time for self discovery – is probably the single most commonly used excuse we are all guilty of. In truth we are afraid to find our true selves and distract ourselves with all kinds of excuses – while trying hard to find fulfillment in ways futile. In reality, the quality of the individual we take for ride on this Life’s journey, dictates the quality of experiences we have.


Setting sincere intention to grow is the only effort we need to make on our part. Everything else will be orchestrated by our dear Mother Sai. This very retreat comes to you initiated by His grace. And sincere effort is being made on our part, to let His infinite Love and wisdom flow to us. We have an amazing Soul (speaker) joining us to share her journey with Sai. Sitting under His light, she is able to love and serve in REAL SAI STYLE. Please consider this a personal invitation and make every effort to join us. Looking forward to connect with each one of you over the retreat weekend.


PS: Please see the attached flyer for registration and program guide for more details.


In Loving Sai Service,

SSSIO Region 4 Women Team, Mid-Central Region, United States



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Guest Speakers



Mrs Aruna Pradeep


An alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Women’s college, Anantapur
Secretary – Sai Seva Sangh, Hyderabad

Chairman – Sri Sathya Sai Prashantiniketanam residential college for women, Telangana, India


An alumnus of Anantapur campus, Aruna was very active in Messengers of Satya Sai service activities. Coming from rural background, she was affected by the plight of education of rural girls. With an inbuilt inclination to serve, motivated by Bhagwan’s words “ Go into the society and start doing selfless work. Don’t always think about your families. I am there to take care of them. There is no dearth of Men, Money and Material in Bharat”, she established Sai Seva Sangh- a charitable organization in 1993, serving destitute women and children and providing education to under privileged young girls.


Today, after 33 years of relentless stride and commitment, Aruna has established with the help of like minded people and orgs.- a school, an orphanage and a residential college, in Telangana. She continues to serve as the secretary of Sai Seva Sangh and is the Chair of Women’s college. Her vision is to establish a women’s university in Telangana, Hyderabad area, to provide world class education at no cost for rural girls.


Her strength, motivation and power comes from her absolute faith in her Masters message “ Love All ; Serve All”.